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If you are looking to have your auto windows professionally tinted with the highest quality products for the best price, contact Quality Custom Window Tinting.  Locally owned and operated in Fort Myers, we have been tinting auto windows for Bonita Springs customers for over 25 years. At Quality Custom Window Tinting, we use only proven brands of the highest quality to ensure your window film stands the test of time. Whether you care about keeping your interior cool or making your car look great, or both, our window tinting solutions will accomplish that and more. Specializing in auto window tinting of any percentage, we will customize your tint to meet your needs, always keeping you legal. At Quality Custom Window Tinting, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction providing quality workmanship, outstanding customer service and tailored tinting solutions. With thousands of satisfied customers who return again and again, and our lifetime guarantee behind all our work, stop by or contact us to set up your appointment.

What are the Benefits of Auto Window Tinting in Bonita Springs?

We all consider ourselves fortunate to live in Southwest Florida. There is so much to do, and our lifestyle is the envy of many. With that said, getting into your car after it’s been parked in the sun is no fun! Temperatures in your vehicle can quickly reach temperatures well in to the 100’s of degrees. It’s not only uncomfortable, it can also have many adverse effects on your vehicles interior and electronics as well as those riding in the vehicle. Window tinting solutions from Quality Window Tinting are customized to your automobile.


  • Protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Using the finest in quality Solar Gard and Suntek tinting films, we can reduce UV radiation by as much as 99%! The ultimate in SPF protection for your skin.
  • Reducing the internal heat in your car by 70% or more. If you’ve ever turned your car on, cracked the windows and turned your AC to the max and still had to wait several minutes before getting in your car, you’ll appreciate how the proper auto films can keep your car comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • Save your car’s upholstery and interior, as well as expensive repairs. Without auto film to protect the interior of your vehicle, over time the elevated temperatures will cause your seats to fade, and your dashboard and seats to crack. Your vehicle is one of your most valuable possessions. Protecting its value is easy with the proper auto films installed by the experts at Quality Window Tinting.
  • Tinted windows provide extra safety to passengers as well as their possessions. In the event you were ever in an accident window film acts like a sealant to hold broken glass particles together. This is called Glass Fragmentation Retention. Tinted glass also makes it harder for someone intent on breaking in to a car to see your possessions inside your vehicle.
Auto Window Tinting Bonita Springs

Can Old Film be Removed from my Car’s Windows without Damage to my Vehicle?

Absolutely, but if for any reason we have concerns about damage to your vehicle (defrosters, door rubbers, antennae in glass, etc..) we will let you know in advance. Removing window film is not as easy as it appears.  The technicians at Quality Custom Window Tinting are specially trained in how to remove window tinting. We highly recommend leaving the removal process to professionals (like us!).  

If you are tired of burning your hands on your steering wheel or breaking into a cold sweat getting into your car, contact Quality Custom Window Tinting.  The leader in auto window tinting solutions in Bonita Springs

I’ve been a customer of Quality window tinting since the 1990’s. They have tinted all of our cars from my Fj Cruiser to over seven BMW’s over the years. I am sure there are good tint shops in SW Florida, but when it comes to my vehicles there is only one place. The tint that was done on my 2007 FJ Cruiser back in 2006 is STILL in perfect condition, not even a crease, discoloration, or even a scratch, and this vehicle is used extensively on the back roads of Florida.
They use the highest quality paper in the market and it shows. When you see some of these shops around town with prices to good to be true, it is because the quality of the tint is sub-par and will soon begin to turn purple. Spend the money the first time and you won’t regret it. Go see Gary and his talented crew. Almost all of the high-end dealerships use him. I’m talking Porshe, BMW, etc…

Victor V.

Our Products

When you choose Quality Custom Window Tinting to install your vehicle window tinting film you can rest assured knowing that you are not only receiving the best service for your investment, but you are receiving the highest quality of products in the market.

At Quality Custom Window Tinting we proudly use Solar Gard® and Suntek® products such as:

Suntek® High Performance Series - Suntek® Infinity OP - Suntek® CIR Series - Suntek® CXP
VortexIR™ Ceramic

Quality Custom Window Tinting offers a variety of choices for Solar Gard® and Suntek® products.  These products offer benefits such as heat rejection, UV protection, glare reduction and more.  View your options and learn more with the link below.

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